New and Expecting Parents and Substance Use

Young Latina mother with her newborn baby playing and laughing together on the bed

Currently on Parents Thrive Colorado we are featuring blogs, resources, and information that work to support new and expecting parents struggling with substance use. While millions of people struggle with substance use every year, access to support, education, and treatment can make a big difference. We worked with parents, community members, and advocates to develop a list of blogs and resources specifically for new and expecting parents dealing with substance use. Check them out here: 

Blog: Substance Use Disorders and Stigma

In this blog, Kallen Thornton explains what substance use is and how stigma can prevent pregnant and parenting people from accessing the support and treatment they deserve. Kallen then offers helpful resources for those struggling with substance use. 

Tough As A Mother

If you are using alcohol or other drugs to cope with stress, you are not alone. Support is available so you can be the strongest mom possible.

Elephant Circle Doula Services

Expecting Chances believes that all people who want a doula deserve to have a doula, including those that are affected by substance use or mental health. Unconditional love and non judgmental support are provided by our doulas during pregnancy and two years postpartum. 

SAMHSA – Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator

The SAMHSA Behavioral Treatment Services Locator is a confidential and anonymous source of information for persons seeking treatment facilities for substance use/addiction and/or mental health problems. SAMHSA is the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

211 Mental Health and Addiction Resources

This resource directory curated by 211 Colorado helps individuals find mental health and addiction resources such as support groups and treatment options.

Colorado Wellness Recovery

CO Wellness Recovery is a mental health and substance use resource guide. It’s a free resource for all Coloradans. Talk with someone, find treatment near you, learn what to expect from treatment, or find resources for caregivers.