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Bianca and Xa-Kye

When Bianca was pregnant, she knew she did not want to continue at her old high school, so her midwife provided some recommendations, with New Legacy as the top recommendation. With Bianca’s hard work, leadership, and desire to improve her and her son’s life, New Legacy is lucky she chose to join our family!

No One, in Fact, Is Better Than Ezra

Though he constantly tried his best, Ezra said he often worried that he might not measure up to being a good father. Imposter Syndrome, where one doubts their skills or accomplishments and often feels like a fraud, was becoming all too real to him, that is until he found his Circle of Father’s group. This blog, featured on Illuminate Colorado, shares Ezra's experience will Circle of Fathers.

Celebrating Fathers of Freedom

Celebrating Fathers of Freedom, a blog featured on Illuminate Colorado, shares the stories of Adam Combs and Adrian Nunez. These two military veteran fathers recognized a void in their community for fathers attempting to figure out how to jump back into parenthood while working to overcome other struggles that often accompany serving abroad.