Self-Compassion for New and Expecting Parents

This month on Parents Thrive Colorado we are featuring the evidence-based practice of self-compassion for new and expecting parents. Self-compassion is defined as being kind to oneself during difficult times, just as you would do for a good friend or loved one if they were struggling. We worked with parents, community members, and advocates for self-compassion to develop a list of blogs and resources that highlight what self-compassion is and how you can take steps to start practicing. 

Be Kind to Yourself: Why Practicing Self-Compassion is an Important Component of Self-Care

As if parenting wasn’t already challenging, COVID-19 has made existing parenting struggles even more difficult and has brought additional stressors to families. Research has shown the positive effects of self-compassion, specifically during the pandemic. But what is self-compassion and how do we become self-compassionate?

Self-Care for Fathers

If you had glaring light on the dash of your truck, you wouldn’t just ignore it until you were stranded. You’re not surprised when your team’s coach sees his team is winded and calls a time-out.

Why is calling a dad-time out or focusing on self-care so foreign for dads?

Self-Care for New and Expecting Parents

Pregnancy and early childhood can be a stressful and overwhelming stage for families, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, there are small actions you can take, called ‘self-care,’ to support your mental health and wellbeing on a daily basis. Self-care can include a wide range of behaviors, such as eating nourishing foods, taking part in activities you enjoy, or even taking some deep breaths. In this blog, we look at some resources you can use to begin your self-care journey.

My Emotional Wellness Self-Help Tool

This resource has been designed by Maternal Mental Health NOW to help you feel prepared to adjust to the emotional demands, joys, and stressors of trying to conceive, pregnancy, and parenting.

Video: Taking Care of Yourself

This video by the Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County (ECPAC) provides information about the importance of self-care, and how parents can get started.

Everyday Self-Care: Honoring Ourselves, Body and Mind

I mean, what mother out there has time for self-care, right? Not to mention that so often self-care feels selfish, self-absorbed, and totally irresponsible when we are needing to care for others, like our children. Well, quite frankly, if this resonates for you, I am going to rock your world for a minute.