October is Substance Use Awareness Month

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October is substance use awareness month! Parents Thrive Colorado has curated a list of blogs and community resources for parents, caregivers, and families impacted by substance use disorders. Check them out here:

Blog: Offering support– not stigma– to pregnant and lactating people using cannabis

If you resonate with the stress and isolation of being a pregnant or lactating person who uses cannabis, know that you are not alone. Therefore, it is critical to work towards a culture of openness, where parents feel supported by providers to make informed, healthy decisions for themselves and their families…

Tougher Together

A weekly online support group for moms on a recovery journey, led by recovery coaches who are also moms in recovery.

Colorado Crisis Services

Colorado Crisis Services connects you with support and counseling for you or a loved one. Read stories from real Coloradans about their mental health journey to know you’re not alone.

CO Wellness Recovery

CO Wellness Recovery is a mental health and substance use resource guide. It’s a free resource for all Coloradans. Talk with someone, find treatment near you, learn what to expect from treatment, or find resources for caregivers.

Special Connections – Substance Use Support

Special Connections, a program for pregnant women on Health First Colorado, helps women struggling with substance use have healthier pregnancies and babies by providing case management, individual and group counseling, and health education.

BLOG: Substance Use Disorders and Stigma

Substance use disorder affects millions of people every year. Like many other diseases, substance use disorders are both preventable and treatable. However, people who suffer from these disorders are forced to navigate a profound degree of stigma when seeking support, education, and treatment…