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Learning to Fly

"Being a father is one of the most humbling and honorable life experiences I have ever gone through,” Fathers Building Futures Co-Chair, George Davis, reflected, “It’s life’s highest of roles and still at the same time, the most humbling of roles.”

Mental Health

Home Visits by Parent Educators are Empowering to Families 

It is said that parenting is the toughest and most rewarding job that a person can ever have. Some parents receive guidance regarding parenting from family members and friends. Regardless of the amount of parenting guidance that a parent receives, a home visitor who is a parent educator can be an excellent resource to any parent... 

Mental Health

Antidepressant Medications in Pregnancy and the Postpartum: How to Weigh the Risks and

Lindsay Lebin, MD For many, antidepressant medication can be an essential part of maintaining mental health andemotional well-being. However, the moment you become pregnant, more complex feelings andquestions about antidepressants may come up. You may wonder: Is this medication safe for my pregnancy? Could this medication cause harm to the baby? Is it safe to […]